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Why You Should Switch to Nintendo for FIFA 18

By James Daly

With the announcement of EA’s latest footballing title came the news many gamers have been waiting; FIFA 18 will be on Nintendo Switch.

There are many reasons to love this, starting with the fact that this will be a portable FIFA game that will look and play as well as the home console editions. This feature means the addictive gameplay of the FIFA series is finally available for gaming ‘on the fly’, a perfect scenario for a game based on short, traditionally 12-minute long matches. Add in the multiplayer modes and Nintendo have a very promising product on the way.

Alexis Sanchez FUT
FUT finally debuts on a Nintendo console

FIFA 18 will mark the first time that the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode appears on Nintendo console, meaning players will be able to buy packs of players and various items, and then build their own teams.

FIFA18 on Switch will not use the same new Frostbite technology as the other console versions, but the Nintendo title will still look and feel excellent, and run at 60FPS.

FIFA 18 on Switch will not include the latest Frostbite engine

Also, there will be no The Journey, FIFA’s original story mode first released in FIFA 17. However, The Journey divided opinion meaning many fans will not feel disappointed by the lack of its inclusion.

Overall, FIFA 18 looks set to be the first FIFA game actually worth buying on a Nintendo console, and perhaps may even go so far as to make the Nintendo Switch the superior platform for playing FIFA 18 in general. So, FIFA players, this is why you should switch to Nintendo.



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